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Addis spray metallic mop Review

So I kicked the bucket and ordered the Addis spray metallic mop of the back of other great reviews.

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We have a laminate floor in our kitchen and dining room that requires a lot of attention from kids shoes coming in from the garden.

Remove the water bottle by giving it a good pull, unscrew the cap and fill the bottle with water and your favourite for cleaner push it back in and you’re ready to clean.

Addis spray mop Water bottle picture

The mop does a great job of cleaning the laminate. Just press the trigger and a moppable amount of water is sprayed onto the floor directly on front ready to be moped up. If there is a really dirty area just press the trigger a few more times.

Giving the handle a little turn effortlessly turns the mop head making it so easy to get round corners. Below the main handle the pole had a covering of foam which makes using two hands on the mop easy. It easily gets under tables and chairs too. The ends of the microfiber cloth part are slightly loose which ensures a good clean all the way to the edge of your skirting board.

When your microfiber cloth is full of dirt just peel it away from the velcro and give it a clean.

The mop has a nice hook at the top so it can be hung up out of the way.

Great value for money and a real winner!

Watch our Addis Spray Mop review and demo Video on YouTube

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