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Fisher Price Scooter

Emilia had the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Scooter for her First Birthday 9 months ago. Let me tell you about our experience with it. Hit up the video at the bottom of you’d rather watch than read.

Fisher Price Scooter Box
The packaging is attractive and explains the main features

Setup is real easy with only handlebars needing to be slotted in at the top. The scooter is colourful with some fun decals on it like the smiley face on the front and the colourful buttons below the handle bars. Some toys have buttons that can be hard for a one year old to press but these are really easy. There are some buttons that slide that a one year old wouldn’t be able to press but that’s fine as it’s the on/off/sound and the smart stages options. The smart stages options are there so your scooter can grow with your little one. Option 1 for 12 months going up to 24 months+ for option 3. Option 1 is more about education, so by pressing the green button your little one will be told “Green triangle”whilst option 3 would tell you to “Go!”. So option 3 is more about roleplay. I’m not so sure that the options are engaging enough to make a huge difference but it’s and added feature.The Scooter is well built and sturdy, modelled on a kind of classic Vespa. The wheels are chunky with nowhere to catch fingers.

Red Fisher price scooter picture
The Scooter has really nice decals and is very sturdy

Emilia’s first few months on the scooter was powered by grown ups pushing her round which was great fun. The scooter moves easily but will not continue unless someone is pushing it. I’m going to say that’s a good thing as it makes for great indoor play knowing that things won’t be crashed into with force. Emilia soon started to pull herself along in straight lines with her feet, unfortunately even at 21 months old she can’t turn it around a corner as its wheels are so chunky. She does struggle to pull it along on a thick pile carpet bits normal pile is fine (see the video for a demo).

It’s not a toy she plays with for hours at the moment but she does jump on it almost daily for a few minutes. In our house where space is a premium it’s not a good enough trade off for the space it takes up, but who knows she may play with it more in the coming months. Definitely well built and will last a few hand me overs between friends and family.

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