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Mum & Dad taste Japanese Candy

We knew there would be a lot of different tastes but nothing could prepare us for these candies! These were a lot of fun…

For the price we paid we knew it was going to be a fun experience for us both. When we go to other countries it’s always great to look at other food packaging as it’s always made to grab our attention. When you open the box it’s just great to spend time looking at all the art work on the packets, it’s full of colour and so different to what we are used to.

japanese candy picture
The first thing that hits you is the colour and graphics on the packaging, they are great

Through the windows on some of the packets you can see inside, they weren’t just your average candies made from sugar. One of them looked like a small date and some looked like strips of thin meat. They were certainly going to be different.

small packets of Japanese candy
Some of the smaller, more innocent packets of the Japanese Candy

And they were different!! I think the video helps describe the tastes more so be sure to click the YouTube video below.

I think these are great fun and open a small window into Japanese treats. For some of these you need to have a slight bit of adventure in you to give a few of them a try, but the unknown tastes are half the fun.

I can see these being great fun at an adult party or for more grown up kids. They are available in a few different sizes and from a few sellers. Definitely will create a memorable evening and a good talking point. If you like candies and are remotely interested in what Japanese candy tastes like then we say buy a box and enjoy!

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