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Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Review

Review and Demo with box

Last week we upgraded to the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 thermometer after our previous Braun gave up. So we’ve had the new model for a week and feel well qualified to give you a good low down on how it’s performed.

We had the previous model for about 5 years (Braun IRT4520) which lasted us well until probably the last 4 weeks where the temperature read button would get stuck. We were in denial that it was broken for a few days as it had been such a reliable unit. But it got to the point where we needed a new one as one of our little ones were ill.

We were happy with the brand and had seen similar ones in doctors surgeries when we had visited over the years which was reassuring. The box shows that it’s the most used brand by health professionals. After a quick look on Amazon the Thermoscan 7 had received good reviews so we decided it was going to be delivered the next day with just a few clicks.

Picture of thermoscan 7 irt6520
The box and contents of the thermometer.

The included quick start guide made it really easy to use straight away after placing the batteries inside the unit. Within a minute of having it out of the box we had taken our 5 year old’s temperature.

The unit feels well constructed with a kind of satin feel to the plastic. All the buttons are well placed to use with one hand. The display is large (almost double the size of our faulty one) and easy to read in the dark. It comes with a case to store it in alongside spare disposable ear caps. The unit takes a bit of force to get it out of it’s plastic case, this would be my only gripe of the thermometer. You could possibly add in that the trigger really fires the disposal cap quite far, but done over the bin it’s ok and maybe a bit of fun too.

Taking a reading is easy. You press the on button, wait about a second press the picture of a baby to select the age on screen then place it to the ear and press the thermometer button. Within 2 seconds you have a reading. This model has a great feature our old one missed out on, the ability to change screen colour depending on the age and temperature of your little one. If everything is Ok the screen will be green, if it’s a fever then it will turn red. And it’s for this reason you select the age of your little one as a fever is at a different temperature depending on the age. This makes understanding the reading easy and is great to relay back to your little one if you chose to.

Braun thermoscan 7 age precision screen
This displays how the age precision looks

The verdict is buy it! It’s easy to use, fast, well built and reassuringly from a brand used by many doctors. Watch our YouTube video below…

Click to buy on Amazon now picture

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